A Short Book Review.

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Zero To One by PayPal co-founder, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist Peter Thiel. The main idea behind Zero To One is that it’s imperative to focus on businesses that create something new, going from zero to one, as opposed to copying things that already work, going from 1 to n.

The author prescribes how to build a company that generates profits well into the future. To succeed, you need to build and maintain a monopoly.

We’ll start with a concept, why are monopolies critical.

Then we’ll look at ourselves, how to position ourselves to start a zero to one type of company. And then we’ll shift to the company, how can we actually build a monopoly? …

They are just pretending.

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We tend to begin our lives with a deeply unrepresentative experience: that of being surrounded by people who care to an extraordinary extent about us. We look up from the dreams and confusions of early infancy and may find a smiling face or two observing us with the utmost tenderness and concern.

They watch us as a rivulet of saliva leaks slowly from the corner of our mouth and rush to wipe it away as if dabbing at a precious canvas, then indulgently stroke the fine soft hairs on our delicate scalps.

They declare us close to the supernatural when, at last, we succeed in pulling our first smile. The applause rings for days when we take our initial steps, giggle, totter, fall, and bravely try to resume our progress. …

Effective Education and Great Schools.

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Benjamin Franklin apparently said. “Tell me and I forget.” “Teach me and I remember.” “Involve me and I learn.” But what do we REALLY know about effective learning a hundred years later?

Many respected economists and educators from the world’s leading universities researched this topic.

They discovered that many things don’t matter, such as classroom size, new technology, or fancy uniforms. Their evidence suggests that the secret to thriving students are amazing teachers.

Here’s what they have learned.

First, we have to acknowledge that teaching is a highly complex skill. …

Who wrote it?

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Deep inside Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library lies the only copy of a 240-page tome. Recently carbon-dated to around 1420, its vellum pages feature looping handwriting and hand-drawn images seemingly stolen from a dream.

Real and imaginary plants, floating castles, bathing women, astrology diagrams, zodiac rings, and suns and moons with faces accompany the text.

This 24x16 centimeter book is called the Voynich manuscript, and it's one of history’s biggest unsolved mysteries.

The reason why?

No one can figure out what it says.

The name comes from Wilfrid Voynich, a Polish bookseller who came across the document at a Jesuit college in Italy in 1912. …

How Does it Work?

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As one of the most notorious gangsters in history, Al Capone presided over a vast and profitable empire of organized crime. When he was finally put on trial, the most he could be convicted of was tax evasion.

The nearly $100 million a year, that’s 1.4 billion in today’s currency, that Capone had earned from illegal gambling, bootlegging, brothels, and extortion, would have served as evidence of his crimes. But the money was nowhere to be found.

Capone and his associates had hidden it through investments in various businesses whose ultimate ownership couldn’t be proven, like cash-only laundromats.

In fact, those laundromats are part of the reason for the name of this activity, money laundering. …

The most difficult thing is the decision to act. — Amelia Earhart

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As dawn breaks in the Babylonian city of Sippar, Beltani receives an urgent visit from her brother. It’s 1762 B.C.E., during the reign of King Hammurabi. Beltani is a naditu — a priestess and businesswoman promised to the temple at birth.

At puberty, she changed her name and gained her elevated naditu status in a ceremony where a priest examined the entrails of a sacrificed animal for omens.

The naditu are an esteemed group drawn from Babylonia’s most affluent families. Though the rules are different for naditu in each city, in Sippar they are celibate and never marry.

They live inside the gagum, a walled area inside the temple complex, but are free to come and go, and receive visitors. …

A must-read novel in my opinion.

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A mirror that shatters without warning. A trail of cracker crumbs strewn across the floor. Two tiny handprints appear on a cake. Everyone at 124 Bluestone Road knows their house is haunted — but there’s no mystery about the spirit tormenting them.

This ghost is the product of an unspeakable trauma; the legacy of a barbaric history that hangs over much more than this lone homestead.

So begins “Beloved,” Toni Morrison’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about the suffering wrought by slavery and the wounds that persist in its wake. …

The 13 Study Tips.

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Our brain can potentially memorize 2.5 petabytes of information, which is roughly the equivalent of 3 million hours of YouTube videos. In order to use some of that staggering capacity a little more effectively when you learn, here are some tips that are based on widely-accepted research by neuroscientists and learning experts.

01. Spaced Repetition

To maximize your learning, study short but often. Neuroscientist proved that synapses, the million billion connections in your brain that make you remember and understand stuff, grow mainly at night when you are asleep. …

All You Need to Know About It.

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KYC stands for know your customer, and it’s a requirement in most countries when it comes to financial instruments. So for example, when you want to go and open a bank account, the bank has to do a KYC process, which means they have to verify your identity and so on.

And this applies to trading platforms, bank accounts, and a lot of other things in your daily life. So it’s just an acronym for know your customer.

How does KYC work within the PI Network?

PI itself doesn’t do the KYC process, but they currently rely on a third-party app called YOTI. So instead of PI, asking you to send them your passport or another ID and so on. …

The three business insights.

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I am going to tell you about Apple’s iPhone and its dominant position in the US market. It’s been at the top for a very long time now and all signs indicate that will continue to be the case well into the future.

Now, if you talk to technology enthusiasts, they will offer up all kinds of reasons and explanations for why the iPhone continues to be so dominant, and these reasons tend to evolve over time and change depending on what is happening in the market at that particular moment.

So historically, they’ve offered up reasons like better cameras, faster processors, iMessage lock-in, App Store exclusives, ecosystem lock-in, and perhaps most popular of all, Apple’s incredible marketing. …


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